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The Purpose of Prayer: Communing with God

The purpose of prayer is to commune with God. To speak to God, showing God that you trust him with your life, letting Him know that He has all the answers and He is the only one that can move on your behalf.

What does it mean to commune? 

In general, to commune is to converse confidentially and sympathetically.

Confidentially means in a way that is intended to be private or secret; meaning privately

Sympathetically means in a sensitive or appropriate way, in a way that shows pity and sorrow for someone else's misfortune, in a way that shows approval of or favor toward an idea or action.

Question. How many of you need approval of or favor towards and idea or action that’s pressing in your heart? You’ll get your answer or direction through prayer.

Some people, given there personality has a different prayer life. We’re not all the same. Some of us have a soft relationship with God, we approach God in a soft way. Some of us have a blunt personality and may carry a "no nonsense" kind of attitude. You speak to God in a blunt way and it's okay, God knows our language but overall commune is represented in both Hebrew and Greek by several words literally signifying to speak and this is what you do when you pray, you speak to God.

When you commune with God, your sharing private or quiet time with God. Your focus is on God and you start to create a personal relationship with God. You start to become intimate with God and you learn how to trust Him.

I remember God telling me that I worship Him from a far and that was the reason why I was having the problems that I was having at that time. I knew of God, but I didn’t know God. I did not take the time to commune with Him, therefore I was living in my own thoughts, my own desire, leaning to my own understanding and this did not help me. It was as if I wasn’t sure if God was going to move on my behalf, but His Grace slowed me down and I was able to push past myself and go deeper in God.

Do you know that we can talk and pray to God but still do our own thing? Trust is the key. If we don’t trust God we may not commune with Him as we should and we would want to be in full control, not giving Him the chance to speak to our hearts. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. 

We can walk in crooked paths if we lean to our own understanding. Jesus will make the path straight as we commune with the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

Stay tune for Part 2 on next week's Daughter of The King.


Rev. Kathryn Gore

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