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Welcome to Daughters' of The King

Words of Encouragement

Do you need a quick reminder of who God is for the day? Be encouraged! God is with us.

Words of Encouragement: Welcome

Weekly Bonus

A Thought, A Song, A Quote, A Scripture

Join Rev. Kathryn Gore as she shares some thoughts with her husband Christopher Gore as a special guest. The topics will be on the economy re-opening and how God is ready to move forward in bringing in the Harvest. They will speak on the politics for Christians and how Christians should align themselves with God in this season. They will also share what it means to have a reprobate mind and how if we say no to God, God will leave you to your own devices. Be encouraged. It’s time to move forward with God!

Words of Encouragement: About

Weekly Song

We Praise You

This song is where God is at. He just wants us to praise him. No matter what we see or face, praise God through it all. 
"Let's praise be the weapon that silences the enemy. Let praise be weapon that conquers all anxiety. Let it rise.... Let Faith arise...
"We'll see you break down every wall, we'll watch the giants fall, all creation cries when we praise you, ohhhhh ohhhhh, ohhhhhh...we praise you!!!

Words of Encouragement: Video
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