Kathryn Gore 
The Lighthouse Church Inc.

Kathryn Gore is a member of the Lighthouse Church Inc. located in Wyoming, Delaware under the Headship of Pastor Barbara Lynch. Her whole life changed when she walked through the Lighthouse Church doors in 2008. It was then she met the Holy Spirit, the One True Living God. She’s had her share of hardship but in the trials of life she was ordained to be an Evangelist unto God in 2010 and supports the Church as a Deaconess and Reverend. She’s familiar with hurt, pain, rejection and abuse but God came and placed a Protector over her life. His name is Reverend Christopher Gore whom she married in June of 2015. Joined as One, together they have 3 beautiful children and they support the ministry of Pastor Barbara Lynch at the Lighthouse Church Inc. with all of their heart. The Lighthouse  Church Inc. specializes in Deliverance and brings hope to the hopeless.


Evangelist Reverend
Kathryn Gore

Daughters' of The King


Our Beliefs

Daughters' of The King teaches the full gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit { Trinity }. We believe that Jesus died on the Cross and became the Savior of all Humanity, teaching us the true Love of God, bringing us Faith, Hope and Freedom. We believe that Jesus is the only way back to God. In Him is Eternal Life.  Jesus came to set the captives free. We believe in His Power and Authority of Deliverance and Healing, setting us free from demonic oppression and bondage. Jesus was the true example of the Father. Loving his brothers, sisters and His enemies. Performing miracles and ministering the truth to all who would hear. We believe we are called to do the greater works.