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Strength In Numbers

Many of us women believe that we are strong in ourselves. We handle everyday issues of life, feeling as if we have no need to call on another for strength at the very moment that we need it the most. We walk through life feeling strong but alone and eventually we wear ourselves out, becoming overwhelmed due to the fact that we are living life in our own strength with limited support.

Can I tell you this one of the biggest mistakes that we can make? Many of us know that life becomes better with a helping hand but we tend to hold things close to our hearts and hope that things will work out on its own, or we accept the thought of "this is my life" and we live in a life of isolation. Why do we do this? Why do we feel like we can make it on our own when we can feel the heaviness that we continually walk through?

I was once in this place and I wondered why? Why did it seem as if life was moving on for others and not for me? Why did it seem like support was provided all around me but that support was not for me? Here’s the truth, it was plenty of opportunities that presented itself for me to have a good support system but I missed it. I thought I could do things on my own and eventually that door closed, leaving me to feel hurt, alone and rejected in life.

Do you know that there is strength in numbers? When Moses was overseeing the battle between Joshua and the Amalekites, he became tired. Aaron and Hur extended a helping hand to Moses by lifting his hands up, one on one side and one on the other so that his hands could remain steady to win the battle. Joshua and the people of Moses won that battle. They entered into victory. (Exodus 17)

How many of you need a victory? How many of you know that you can no longer do this on your own, living life in your own strength? God extends a helping hand to His children every day through others. He brings people in our lives for this reason alone. He is our helper, He is our strength. We just have to receive Him when He shows Himself in our time of need.

Psalm 54:4 English Standard Version (ESV)

4 Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life.

Psalm 118:14

The LORD is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.

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