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Star Wars? Prophetic Signs of the Father’s Heart

Okay. I’m not a true Star Wars fan but I must admit; I was quite impressed with the latest film released last week called “The Rise of Skywalker”. It left me in awe after seeing the prophetic signs of the end times and the symbolism of the Father’s heart for His Children throughout this entire movie.

There was death, war, secrets untold, darkness arising in power like never before, people being completely sold out to darkness with an agenda to destroy all that was good in the final hour but through it all there was hope in the hearts of the Jedi’s. Strength was on their side. Unity became a tool they would use to destroy the enemy. True friendship was displayed as they had one another’s back in war. Restoration occurred to the galaxy and newness of life was given to a special someone {Kilo}; the same person who killed his father {Harrison Ford} with the sword out of pure evilness.

Here’s what blew me away about this movie, Harrison Ford had an unconditional love for his son. He did not hold his death against him. He knew his son was dark, he knew he was tricked and deceived by the dark side at an early age but through his death, His loved remained. In fact, it became stronger. He appeared on a mountain one last time meeting his son with certainty, knowing it was time for him {Kilo} to return home. So much love was in his face while speaking to his son, telling him who he was and how he still had a chance to do good.

There was so much forgiveness in his smile as he touched the face of his son to embrace him in love. His son tried to fight it but it was undeniable; the love of a father overshadowed him and he couldn’t shake it. Not this time, this time was different, this was the right time for Harrison Ford to meet his son one last time to turn his heart from his wicked ways. Kilo thought about it, he considered all that has taken place in his life and at one point he even thought he was not worthy to return home but he did it. He finally surrendered his heart for the good; throwing his sword to the wind, giving up his evil works to head home, returning to now fight against the darkness that once claimed his life. He gave it all up because his father showed him grace, love and mercy one last time.

How awesome is this? How awesome is Love? Love held this whole group of people together. Love fought on every side destroying the very foundation of the enemy’s camp.

God’s heart is for the prodigals in this season. He’s calling His children home in love, giving them hope to believe once again, restoring their minds to have the mind of Christ, placing them in their rightful place in the Kingdom of God. making them strong towers that others can run too.

Are you ready to return to the Father? Are you ready to surrender all? Are you ready to fight against the darkness that once claimed you? God is calling you forth in His Love. He’s calling you back to Him. Run to the Father for total and complete restoration. Come Home. He’s waiting for you.


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