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Keep Your Eyes on God

Earlier this week, I was angered by many postings that were being shown on Facebook. These postings showed the peoples heart {anger and hatred} towards our President, towards a specific race {black/white}, towards Police Officers and etc. LIVE footage was recorded in Ocean City, Maryland that was considered a brawl between a group of young kids, attacking another group of kids on the O.C. Boardwalk.

That posting drew the line for me. I could not watch something like this happened and I got upset wondering why? Why would people post things like this? Such evil and hatred and it really started bothering me about the darkness of this world. As I was looking through the postings that were totally against God, I remembered my Pastor teaching us a long time ago, what enters the eye enters the soul.

So many people day in and day out are feeding their spirit and soul death. They feed off the darkness on Facebook and the darkness that continually hovers over America. They remain in constant turmoil, keeping everyone in the loop has is willing to follow.

I had a moment and I thought, I’m jumping off of Facebook. I can’t deal with the people’s heart at this time and I was sad. I was grieved by the things of this world but God in His goodness allowed for a message to come to my you tube feed to encourage me. The message was called “God Says Push The Kingdom Now!” I opened the clip and noticed it was just released 32 minutes ago and right up front, the gentlemen spoke and said “Through all the riots, through all the darkness in the peoples heart, through all of the hypocrisy from the Church, God is about to release a movement of revival and signs, wonders and miracles are about to take place!” I said Wow; I had forgotten that quick how God has been moving in our services, filling us up with His Spirit, preparing us for this movement of God that this young man was speaking of. I came to the conclusion that I was focused on the negative when I should’ve been focused on God.

When we keep our eyes on the things of this world, it’s hard for you to remember the plan of God. Yes the enemy is running rampant in America today but we MUST not give in to his tactics. The enemy is fighting with all that He has but I was reminded that God always prepares a voice in the wilderness for His Kingdom. He’s always working behind the scenes, preparing the way of the Lord through His people. Is revival about to hit this land? Yes! Is God preparing the harvest to come into the church? Absolutely! God is going to reverse what the enemy meant for evil and he’s going to heal the land. He’s going to bring hope to a lost and dying world. He’s going to restore and rebuild His Kingdom according to His Perfect Will. Keep your eyes on the Lord. God is on the move no matter what it looks like!

Psalm 119:37 - Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.

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