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A Woman of Virtue "Compared to Rubies"

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Last week we spoke about the first few things to consider in helping us become the best we can be. We spoke about having love, grace and compassion for ourselves.

We spoke about David, knowing full well that he was fearfully and wonderfully made, that he was made in the secret place of God and how this is no different for us.

This week we’re going to the book of Proverbs!

How many of you know what the book of Proverbs gives us? Wisdom, it’s all about wisdom and knowledge when you read and study the book of proverbs.

Solomon is trying to lead his son on a path of righteousness, hoping he would hold tight to the wisdom that he has to offer, so that he can understand the ways of the Lord.

And throughout the book of proverbs he speaks about women in their behavior, some good and some bad.

An Excellent Woman, A Worthy Woman, A Woman of Virtue!

Tonight, we’re going to begin to learn about a Woman of Virtue, her character and what she’s made of.

Now in order for us to understand what a virtuous women represents, we first have to understand what virtue means.


Virtue is a behavior showing high moral standards. Some synonyms to virtue are:

goodness, righteousness, morality, uprightness, integrity, dignity, honesty, honorableness, incorruptibility, decency, respectability, nobility of soul/spirit, worthiness, worth, good, trustworthiness, blamelessness, purity, pureness, lack of corruption, merit; principles, high principles and ethics. These are the characteristics of a virtuous Woman.

In Proverbs 31 scriptures speaks the following about a woman of virtue:

Description of a Worthy Woman

Proverbs 31:10 [d]An excellent woman [one who is spiritual, capable, intelligent, and virtuous], who is he who can find her? Her value is more precious than jewels and her worth is far above rubies or pearls.

Scriptures tells us a virtuous woman is more precious than jewels and her worth is far above rubies or pearls.


I looked up the importance or significance of a ruby and this is what it said:

It is one of the most prestigious gemstones to own, primarily because of its beauty and the benefits it imparts on the wearer.

I found this to be interesting. There are some key words here: Prestigious, beauty, benefits, imparts


Definition: Inspiring respect and admiration; having high status.

Esther was prestigious, she inspired many, the women and men admired her because of her character and her character brought her favor and she became Queen.

Deborah, was prestigious- She was a prophet and a wife. She was well respected and strong, having a high status of a Judge, while leading the Israelites when they were under oppression in the Land.


Definition: A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

When reading this meaning or description of Beauty, this made me think of us Women as a whole. We all have different qualities and talents, we come in different shapes and forms, and different shades of color. This is us as whole and I found this to be spot on for how created us to be.

Some of the women who carry beauty in the bible is Sarah and Rebecca.


Definition: an advantage or profit gained from something.

When pondering on this, Hannah came to mind. Hannah was barren and she cried out to God to have a child, he heard her and she gave birth to Samuel. She received the benefit of a Son after she reached the heart of the Father.


Definition: bestow (a quality).i.e. give, offer, contribute, lend, etc.

Anna offered her life unto God after becoming a widow at an early age. She contributed and gave her all back to the ministry of God so much that she was able to impart knowledge about the savior of the World.

Now this is fascinating because these qualities: Prestigious, beauty, benefits, imparts is the significance of a ruby…

If a virtuous woman is worth more than rubies, it makes me wonder who we really are? How did God really create us to be? What did he truly place inside of us?

This is something the enemy has been trying to keep us from finding out. He doesn’t want us to catch on to who God really created us to be because we would become the strong towers that he can’t defeat!

Next week we’re going to go deeper into Proverbs 31, studying the actions of a Virtuous Woman,

Join us as we go forth, growing together, learning together as true Daughters of the King.

I’ll see you next week @ 7pm!

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