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A Spiritual Heart Attack

A heart attack occurs when an artery supplying your heart with blood and oxygen becomes blocked. Fatty deposits build up over time, forming plaques in your heart's arteries. If a plaque ruptures, a blood clot can form and block your arteries, causing a heart attack.

I believe we have heart attacks in the spirit realm {spiritual heart attacks}.

When you think about this process, it reminds me of how we forget to apply the blood of Jesus to our lives {keeping ourselves uncovered} allowing for oxygen {strength} to be blocked from going further in God. As time goes on, fatty deposits build up {trials and tribulations} forming plaques to the arteries {damage} causing us to have a heart attack {major injuries, possible death}. When a heart attack occurs, the heart muscle that has lost blood supply begins to suffer injury.

Many of us suffer injury because our heart is under attack. The amount of damage to the heart muscle depends on the size of the area supplied by the blocked artery and the time between injury and treatment.The longer we keep our eyes on life circumstances, the larger the circumstance lingers in our heart, causing us to suffer longer than we should. We lose hope, therefore our heart becomes sick. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

Chest pain, extreme fatigue, nausea and anxiety are a few warning signs that you may be entering into a heart attack. Though this applies to our spirit, these symptoms manifest in the natural. Scriptures tells us “Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”- Proverbs 12:25, 1 Peter 5:7, Philippians 4:6-7

There is hope! The heart muscle damaged by a heart attack can heal by forming scar tissue {scar tissue refers to thick, fibrous tissues that take the place of healthy ones that have been damaged}. It usually takes several weeks for your heart muscle to heal. The length of time depends on the extent of your injury and your own rate of healing. I think it’s neat that God created our body to form protective layers to prevent total destruction. "Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise." - Jeremiah 17:14; Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.- Psalm 30:2

The heart is a very tough organ. Even though a part of it may have been severely injured, the rest of the heart keeps working. But, because of the damage, your heart may be weakened, and unable to pump as much blood as usual.

I find it interesting that our hearts are created to be tough and part of it keeps working even after injury. Though we suffer from {spiritual heart attacks} God has created us in way that we can take a licking and keep on ticking. Our heart may be tested and tried but we don’t have to die. Don’t let the cares of this life lead you into a spiritual heart attack. We can cover ourselves in the blood of Jesus. It’s in the power of the Blood!

For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life.

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